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Online GIS Help


This Internet GIS application includes a simple and intuitive mapping interface that allows users to access and download certain local government tax/real estate information and maps. This application is designed to work on computers and tablet devices using the most current version (or one version previous) of most industry-standard Internet browsers.

This help file is accessible via the help link in the application header, and is designed to aid the user in the operation of the application.

The Application Interface

Application Components
Map WindowThe interactive map display allows the user to explore maps and data of interest.

Layers/Search TabsAllows the user to turn off and on layers in the map and access results from searches and queries.

ToolbarProvides access to the analytical functions and more advanced tool in the application.

Navigation ToolsTools for moving around the map and clearing temporary features and sections.

Basemap Switcher Allows the user to select a basemap layer (or no basemap).

Location MapAn overview map depicting the current map view within a wider perspective.

CoordinatesDisplays the real-time coordinate information of the cursor location.

Bar ScaleDynamically displays the scale on the map.

Revision Date(s)Reports the last date of map and database revisions.

Links Links to other websites

Navigating the Map

Using the Mouse:

Pan (Recenter map): Click on the left mouse button and drag the map to the new location.

Zoom In/OutScroll the mouse wheel forward to zoom in and backward to zoom out. Each wheel click will zoom the map by about 50 percent in width and height.


Zoom In (Window)Hold the Shift key down, then hold the left mouse button down and drag on the map to draw a rectangle. The map will zoom in to the area of the rectangle.


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Zoom In (Incrimental)Left double-click on the mouse to zoom in or out by about 50 percent in width and height.

Using the Navigation Toolbar:

Zoom In/Out: Drag zoom slider up/down or left click +/- symbols.

Pan: (recenter) Click the map with the left mouse button and drag to move the map display in any direction.

Zoom Window In/Out
Select the appropriate magnifying glass icon, hold the left mouse button down and drag on the map to draw a rectangle. The map will zoom in/out to the area of the rectangle.

Zoom Full Extents:  Select globe icon and map will zoom out to the full map extents.

Clear Map:  Select the eraser icon to clear any temporary map features, drawings, selections, or map tips.

Displaying Map Tips

Hover or pause the mouse over a  parcel or point of interest to view its details in a small popup window (no click required)
.  On touch screen devices, press and hold over a point of interest.

Using the Basemap Switcher

The Basemap Switcher tool is used to select an available background basemap.  You may select the Imagery button to load the aerial photography basemap, or the Streets button to load the ESRI Streets basemap.
Note:  If you select the loaded basemap's button again, the background basemap will turn off. 
If the basemap is not available at the current viewing scale, an alert box will notify you.


Using the Location Map

The Location Map is located at the bottom right of the map and may be hidden by clicking on the arrows (minimize) button.  This map depicts the current map view within a wider perspective.

Once the Location Map is hidden or minimized, the arrows button will change to the maximize function.  Select the arrow button again to maximize or show the location map.

Using the Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar is located just below the application header/title banner.  To launch a tool, select an icon from the toolbar. The Identify tool, Draw tool and Coordinates tool may display and/or prompt the user for additional information in the left pane (Search Tab).


The Identify Tool is used to retrieve parcel information from a selected parcel.  After selecting the Identify tool, click on a parcel of interest and the parcel detail report will appear  in the left pane (Search Tab).  This tool remains active until another tool or function is selected, so the user may identify many parcels in succession.  To select multiple parcels by geographic criteria (such as polygon, line, circle and rectangle) please select the By Shape button on the Search Tab.
To clear the highlighted/selected parcel, select the Eraser Icon  located on the Navigation tool.